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Płyty Rihanny
"Good Girl Gone Bad"
01. Umbrella feat. JAY-Z
02. Push Up On Me
03. Don't Stop The Music
04. Breakin' Dishes
05. Shut Up and Drive
06. Hate That I Love You feat. Ne-Yo
07. Say It
08. Sell Me Candy
09. Lemme Get That
10. Rehab
11. Question Existing
12. Good Girl Gone Bad
Release Date: June 5 2007

"A Girl Like Me"
01. SOS (Rescue Me)
02. Kisses Don't Lie
03. Unfaithful
04. We Ride
05. Dem Haters
06. Final Goodbye
07. Break It Off
08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. Selfish Girl
10. P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
11. A Girl Like Me
12. A Million Miles Away
Release Date: April 2006

"Music of the Sun (Promo)"
01. Pon de Replay
02. If It's Lovin That You Want
03. Here I Go Again (f. J-Status)
04. The Last Time
05. Now I Know
Release Date: July 2005

"Music of the Sun"
Disc: 1
01. Pon de Replay
02. Here I Go Again
03. If It's Lovin' That You Want
04. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
05. La That la, La
06. The Last Time
07. Willing to Wait
08. Music of the Sun
09. Let Me
10. Rush
11. There's a Thug in My Life
12. Now I Know
13. Pon De [Replay Mix]
Release Date: August 30 2005

"This is Rihanna"
1. Intro
2. Hurricane Feat. Rupee
3. Pon De Replay
4. Pon De Replay Remix Feat. Elephant Man
5. My Name Is Rihanna
6. If It's Lovin´ That You Want
7. Let Me Go Feat. Vybez Kartel
8. Don't Even Try
9. Here We Go Feat. Kardinal Official
10. Get Up, Stand Up
11. The One Feat. Rihanna
12. Outro
Release Date: July 2005





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